Mr. Owl Advising Baby Bear

“always listen to your Mama Bear Beautiful. The other animals of the forest rely upon her wisdom. It would be a good thing if you do too.”

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After a long winter's nap, ready to learn about the forest

Mama Bear Beautiful was ready for a good walk after such a long sleep. And she and her baby cubs were hungry too.

Tonight was a special night for her new cub, that she had named Berry.

He had to learn the lesson of following the Light of the Silver Moon, the eternal way home.

Berry had never been out alone before, so he didn’t know the way back yet.

Berry was not paying attention and did not listen very carefully to his mother. He did what most baby bears do – PLAY!

When he got to the top of the tree, he came face to face with an owl, wearing glasses of all things!

Baby Bear Berry knew that he was lost and needed help. Maybe, if he said please, the owl would help him find his way home.

"My son (2 years old) wants me to read this wonderful story to him almost every night. He also likes to read along with some of the pages". - Mary M. San Francisco